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My utorrent 1.7.2 will reset everything whenever i log/shutdown


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Subject basically explains it, ill shutdown the pc, or my parents switch over to their user name and when i get back on and start up utorrent everything is back as if i am opening it for the first time, as well as it no longer being default torrent application, Ive looked through forums and googled for help, but i can't find anyting, any help would beee GGREEEAAATTTT!

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This'll work:

Create a new folder somewhere, call it "uTorrent" or whatever you like (but be sure you like it where it is) - preferably in C:\Program Files.

Move utorrent.exe into that folder (or leave it if it's already in Program Files).

Open Notepad (start/programs/accessories/notepad or start/run notepad [ok]).

Without typing anything into the file, save it. Browse to the folder you put utorrent.exe in, and save it as "settings.dat" WITH QUOTES around the name (so it doesn't add ".txt" to the end).

Now open uTorrent and it should now save its settings to that folder instead of trying to write to %appdata%\uTorrent. ;)

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