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newb here, need help, very low download speeds


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hi, im new at using utorrent, i have a wireless internet connection, but im getting low download speeds but high upload speeds, my download speed is only 24-30kbps, but my upload speed is 70-150kbps, please help, im trying to download a 4gb file but it takes too long... i appreciate any help, thx.

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i have a problem with a similar topic so i thought id put it here.

please move it if its in the wrong place.

so heres d thing.

im a newb so thats y im posting even tho ive seen posts similar to my prob but i couldnt seem to understand how to follow the instructions given.

1stly my speedtest results.


37kbs for download so that translate to how much in kB?in my utorrent i only get around 1 or less. is this serious? and it also states theres no incoming connections which ive read so many posts on the net but cant seem to find or understand the sol.

about my specs, im using a laptop (NEC Versa E400) with windows XP pro and i use a netgear WG511v2 to connect to wireless connection at home. my family has put up a router that enables the whole family to use the internet. so that connects to the modem the ISP provided us with. so im not really good in the technical stuff so can nebody help me in simple terms?wat are the settings that i need to do.

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