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Is 25kB/s the best it can do?


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I'm not sure if I've topped out on my download speed but I hope not, any advice?

The speed guide settings are: connection type:xx/64k, upload limit 5kB/s, 50 connections, 1 max active torrents, upload slots 2, connections (global) 75, max active downloads 1, current port is 14625 and enable encryption is checked. net.max_halfopen is 8, I use vista, I use System Suite 7 for antivirus, antispam,firewall, etc. I use Clearwire, router is linksys model # wrt546 v5 this is my speed test but it says the upload speed may not be correct <a href="http://speedtest.dslreports.com"><img border=0 src="http://www.dslreports.com/im/35048644/2554.png"></a>

thanks in advance!

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ClearWire is known to throttle BitTorrent, IINM. You might find some solution(s) on the forum (?).

Be sure that you aren't using your connection for any other reason besides testing, while testing. That means no downloading, no IMing, no µTorrent running, no browser activity (other than the testing), etc. Additionally, no other computer on your network (if any) should be using the connection.

Retest your connection several times as such, and tell us the average up and down speeds.

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