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Does the current version of utorrent 1.7.2 "phone home" ?


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I know it doesn't make sense.

Also why would there be a checkbox to allow extra anonymous data sent along with the version check provided that ut is already sending stuff as trackers are claiming.

Anyhow in my opinion the best way to resolve this is to make the whole version checking optional if that's what it's all about. Utorrent is the best client i've used so far and it's a real shame trackers ban the latest versions. It would take 5 mins to write the code for it, everyone would be happy and it would stop these rumours. So why haven't the developers/manager (dunno how you guys work) decided that already? :/

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IMO (and I stipulate that my opinion may be 100% worthless to everyone other than me), satisfying the requirements of "ultra-private" passkey sites are an exercise in chasing moving-goalposts for a minute percentage of the user-base. OTOH, all users would benefit from better leech-thwarting measures, ISP-throttling evasion and dictatorship ban circumvention (the latter two are essentially similar).

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GET /checkupdate.php?v=48565634&qv=48565634&lv=329501_0_&i=2&l=en&c=CA&w=A280105&h=U5WjPRSyU4DjPqh1&k=


Host: update.utorrent.com

User-Agent: uTorrent/1720


Variable | Purpose
v | Version information
qv | Version information
lv | Version information
i | Unknown
l | Language
c | Country
w | Unknown
h | Unknown
k | Unknown

The parameters v, qv, and lv hold version information. Obviously l and c are for locale information. I'm not sure about i, w, h, and k, but none of them hold enough information to give any information about what you're downloading, or what you have on your computer.

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