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Some very straaaaannggeee goings on....


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I am not the MOST experienced user of uTorrent but its been a year or so now and I have noticed some strange problems.

First of all, let me explain my situation. We have 2 PC's in our house and they are both connected to the same router (NETGEAR DG834GT), one ethernet cable is plugged into port 2, the other in port 4. My ISP is 'Sky'. The PC thats plugged into port 2 is quite old now (about 5 years) and runs XP professional SV2 with utorrent 1.61 and download speeds are great! Just like always. However, the one on port 4 (the ports dont really matter as I have tried different combinations and different routers [both NETGEAR DG834GT]) is very new and runs Vista Ultimate with terrible download speeds (utorrent 1.72) of a few kb/s. If I run utorrent at the same time on both machines its the same result. Also, on the Vista machine, if Im using utorrent and surfing at the same time, there are some severe throttling problems, as soon as I turn utorrent off, everything is back to normal.

But there is more. I have read all the normal setup guides etc. and have forwarded ports and have setup a static IP (or have I?). If I go to 'manage network connections' and 'wireless Network connection' properties (then TCP/IPv4) I have a static IP of but if I test it on a website (any) or go into my routers settings page ( then I get something different every time. This of-course suggests that I didnt set up the static IP properly and so I tried to reset all my default settings everywhere so I could restart the process in the hope of doing it right this time BUT if I try switching the properties to 'Obtain IP address automatically' then everything goes haywire and I dont have internet. It connects me to the network but I cant use the internet. This means that I DID setup a static IP.

My settings on the Vista machine are like so: Enable UPnP, port 64009 - no other port works for some reason, max download speed is 400kb/s (Im supposed to be getting 2mbps - 2 megaBYTESpersecond but every speed test gives me a different result) and max upload speed is at 120kb/s

I have tried test torrents and put the max download speed to unlimited and it got up to 1.7mb/s but no other torrent ever reaches over 20kb/s whilst on the old PC all torrents are very good speed.

I am very confused at this point and all these things seem very illogical, please help!

Thanks, Red-star

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