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Internet crashing when utorrent running


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Hi guys,

I'm having a pretty serious problem here. Whenever I try to run utorrent, it crashes my internet after about 15 seconds. I have to completely reset the router to get the internet up again.

I was messing around and tried using a non-static IP (ie letting the router give me one), and this seemed to fix the problem, but my downloads were very slow because of the lack of port forwarding. This is not good enough for me so I need to figure out how to use utorrent without crashing the 'net while on a static IP.

I recently changed my router, but I was having the same problem with the old one. I forget what model the old one was but the new one (still same problem) is a DLINK DI-524. I'm using a static IP + port forwarding, and running XP Home, connecting via encrypted wireless. Also I tried downloaded BitComet out of desperation but had the exact same problem - once I start BitComet it crashes the net, just like utorrent does.

I was going to add that at my other house it's not a problem, but actually it is, though the internet doesn't crash immediately. Rather if you run a torrent at that house on that router (I'm not sure of the model), it crashes the net every hour or so and you have to reboot the router to fix it. Hopefully this is a clue to you techies, because I don't know what it means (oh and if you know why torrents keep crashing the net at that house, after 30 min to an hour of running that would be nice too).

Anybody have this problem before or can come up with a solution as to why torrent programs immediately crash my net here?


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First link in my signature regarding interrupted internet connections.

And D-Links are known to crap out with too many connections open simultaneously. You might want to lower the global maximum number of connections to something along the lines of 50-60, or maybe even lower depending on how many computers are on your network.

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