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Seeding vs Queued Seed with 1.7.2


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I have my queuing seed defaults set to Ratio is: <= -1 and Seeding time is: Ignore

The torrents were working fine, but I needed to move a few files to another directory, so I stopped them, moved the files, set the new Download Location for them and then restarted them. The files all checked successfully, but they all went to a status of "Queued Seed". I thought maybe I needed to wait for the next torrent update, so I ignored it for a few hours.

When they continued in this status for several hours, I started looking at them a bit closer. There are no queuing over-rides on the individual torrent properties. They have very low ratios (.05 and .03 on a couple of them and all are under 1.000). They all have several peers. I'm nowhere near my connection count limits.

If I change these "problem children" to Forced Start, they start uploading to the swarm, but if I again stop and restart them, they insist on returning to Queued Seed instead of Seeding.

All my other torrents that I haven't manually overridden remain in Seeding status (which is what I understood should happen when you set the seed ratio to -1.)

Can anyone tell my why stopping/moving/restarting a torrent should cause them to drop to Queued Seed status and ignore the seeding rules or is there something else I'm missing?

Thanks much!

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They are set to 6 max active and 3 max download, but I normally have 10 or 15 in "Seeding" status, but only 2 or 3 are actively uploading at any given time.

I want them to stay in Seeding status so they remain active in the swarms because these are private trackers and I want to continue to upload even when the ratios get over 150%.

If I understand the FAQ correctly, setting the Seed While Ratio is <= -1 forces them to stay in Seeding mode, which is what I prefer for my private trackers. It seems that I get more upload traffic if they remain Seeding (as opposed to Queued Seed), but I'm certainly no expert on how all this works behind the scenes.

All I know for sure is that these were all sitting in Seeding status until I stopped/moved/restarted them. It's probably no big deal, but I thought it was curious.


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I guess I don't understand the terminology correctly.

I currently have only 3 actively uploading, but 10 torrents have a status of "Seeding" (green up-arrow), which is why I didn't think Seeding = active.

The 4 I stopped and re-started are now Queued Seed (gray up-arrow).

Maybe if you would explain this from the FAQ, that might help:

"-1 is used so you can have all torrents seed forever by default, and let you manually set a seeding ratio on each individual torrent's properties so that only those torrents stop."

Sorry if I'm being dense :)

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