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MY d/l's are real slow & and it says my port needs forwarding.... HELP


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I'm not sure what the problem is, but my d/ls are no where near the right speed of atleast 125/kbs, only at like 17/kbs. I know its because my port needs to be correctly forwarded, but not sure how to do that, even trying to use portforward.com because my router isn't listed. Someone please help me out, I am very frustrated with the way d/l's are taking forever. Is it because I'm on crappy Bellsouth DSL Ultra, which is supposedly 1.2/mbs (doesn't run that fast when I d/l from normal sites, more at 125/kbs.) I tried setting up a static IP, but I keep losing my internet conncetion, so have to go back to normal setting. I've included my setting and hardware at the bottom, someone please help me out.

Comp hardware: AMD Athlon 1600+ 512ram

DSL: Bellsouth Ultra DSL

Modem: Westell 6100

Router: Trendnet 452-brp

This might be needed too. I have zonealarm regular as my firewall, AVG 7.5 Antivirus, Spybot-AVG-CCLeaner spywares

Aren't my router, comp and dsl supposed to be the same IPs or w/e? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time, have a good one.

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