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Combined problems utorrent v1.6.1 and utorrent v1.7.2


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i am using utorrent v1.6.1 build 490

Till yesterday i had no problems in downloading using torrents

Every thing was working fine (download rate , DHT status , Tracker status)

I got the green network light - which indicates every thing is fine

Today when i tried to download

I get the following error message

tracker status : host name not found

and i got the yellow light

Number of seeds and peers are displayed as zero.

I have queued 5 torrents and only one is downloading

even the torrent which is getting downloaded shows tracker status : host name not found

I have completely deleted utorrent v1.6.1 including registry entries and in the application data folder and then reinstalled

Even then it does not work for me.

I get the same problem

I ensured that there is no problem with the ISP and DNS

I have not installed any firewall or antivirus software software

I have also ensured that the port is forwarded correctly

I tried downloading these torrents with BitComet and those torrents work fine.

Then I downloaded the utorrent v1.7.2

Every thing works fine as required but certain trackers like bitsoup do not support utorrent v1.7.2

So I want to use utorrent v1.6.1 ONLY

Please help me to solve this problem

Thanking you

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