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Seeding has stopped for ALL torrents

uncle Spellbinder

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I've been using uTorrent for over a year. No real problems I couldn't take care of by following the many helpful tutorials/topics here..................until now.

Using uTorrent 1.7.2 - Windows Vista Home Premium - Router: Linksys Wireless-G Cable Gateway WCG200-CC (Supplied by Comcast Cable Highspeed Internet) - AVG Antivirus 7.5 - Vista's internal Firewall.

Every torrent I start downloads normally. Usually between 80 and 170 kb/s. Uploading use to be between 35 and 80 kb/s. All of a sudden, every torrent uploads nothing. No changes made to uTorrent. Once the torrent finishes downloading, it dissapears from the "downloading" list and shows in the "completed" list and "inactive" list. Never did that until this morning. I'm at a loss. Ideas??



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"Official" rated speed? If you mean the various speed tests out there:

From Speakeasy -


From Speadtest.net -


From Beltronica Telecom -



I'm guessing this may be a Comcast issue rather than uTorrent settings or hardware issues. Sad, as changing internet providers is not possible. For "high speed", the only option is Comcast or AT&T (formerly Bell South).

My torrenting days may have just come to an end. :(

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this happened to me and i fixed it after a while,

if windows updated itself about this week then I think it is one of the updates, the windows firewall changed i think even if it isnt on. u need to add the port of the utorrent connections to the exceptions on the firewall, i know this because as soon as i added it the speeds shot up. hope it works

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By "official" speeds, I mean the speeds listed according to your contract...which if you don't know you can check ComCast's website for consumer lines...and find the one you have.

I am on ComCast as well. ComCast has something called SpeedBoost that thoroughly fouls up most speed tests. You can get stupidly high speeds for short bursts...or in other words, just long enough for the speed test to run. But µTorrent cannot sustain any more than the rated normal max upload.

For me, this means xx/384k.

For you, it may be xx/768k -- if you have the more expensive 8 megabits/sec download speed offer.

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