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Prioritize packages


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Is there a way to really prioritize some packages? I'm new to torrents world and uTorrent and I don't know much but it would be nice to have a way to highly prioritize some files.

I know that there is the High/Normal/Low priority settings and it works pretty well sometimes but when you're really anxious i seems it's teasing you :) I mean, I'm downloading from a torrent with availability over 10 so no reason not to pick the file i marked as important, there is no chance that the rare packages go extinct, but the program is picking packages all over the torrent except from that file.

Bottom line, is there a setting like "Really really really high priority for those that have a anxious nature"? :)) Maybe a way to change the download strategy?

Thanks everybody!


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well, it doesn't quite work. i have about 100 files of the same size in the torrent from which 2 are set as high priority and the rest as low. i have watched the progress in the last 5 hours. at any point in this time, from 32 pieces downloading, only 1 or maximum 2 are from the 2 high priority files.

LOL!! i'm being stupid! :) i can just mark those that now are low priority as "do not download". the logic train finally stopped in my station! :)

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