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solve yellow triangle by stop download, restart then resume download?


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I'm a newbie, and I hope someone can help. After installing utorrent yesterday, I began downloading. Everything seems to be working fine, i.e. I've downloaded 21% since yesterday with about 9 seeds and 40 peers. I check the download progress periodically, and in doing that this morning, I moused-over the yellow triangle at the bottom of the GUI. It said there are no incoming connections, and that there is a problem with my network connection. The following are the steps I did upon installation of utorrent:

1. I reconfigured my pc's ip to static.

2. I reconfigured my Linksys WRT54G router (unblocked anonymous internet requests, and enabled a specific port at the static ip).

3. I configured utorrent to the port I selected.

After reading the posts and faq, I think I should have restarted utorrent before beginning the download, so that utorrent's error-checking mechanism will recognize the new port I selected. Clicking the yellow triangle brings up the speed guide which shows the old port value of 47643, but it is grayed and cannot be changed. This is different from the port I selected at preferences, which I got by pressing 'random port'.

My questions are:

Should I restart utorrent to get rid of the yellow triangle? Can I do this after the present download (I don't want to waste the 21% I've already downloaded as there doesn't seem to be a guarantee that I can resume where I will leave off)?


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