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slow connection speeds


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i have recently change my internet provider and i have now a line around 509 upload and 7500 download i have made all the changes according to speed test but the dpwnload speed is too low

i am using the 1.7.2 version

from speedtest my upload speed was 405 so i am using settings for xx/384kbs

port forward ok

and from with a torrent from openoffice org my download speed was around 250kbs

my isp provider is forthnet in greece

and the router is Siemens cl110

and a torrent that i was try to download i have never get speed better than 20kbs

is there anything else that i can do to improve my download speed

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speed test download speed 2,8mbs and upload 405-410 kbs


ort forward ok and not firewall only windows firewall with exceptions for utorrent

kaspersky anti virus install with exceptions for utorrent

also i think that at night in my country the speed is a little better

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