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Since going to the latest utorrent, it appears that torrents I d/l from bushtorrent, will not autoload on to utorrent and when forced (as such) says theres an error with torrent. I have tried with several other sites and all is well.

I did post on bush forum but th enext day the forum read temp unavailble and continues that way

Is there a way to sort this in utorrent or is it bush problem (which I think not as people are still uploading etc)

i am using Vista if that matters. I did work under older versions of utorrent

I have managed to get through to the forum but it only has 14 views and no comments can anyone try a ransom file through bush torrent and tell me if they have the same problem thanks

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call me a spanner what are openoffice?

Basically anything, almost random, d/l from the likes or torrentreactor, torrentporthole along with some private sites all work. Anything from bush will not load

the screen reads

unable to load

"*file name*":invalid

torrent file!

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it seems weird that people are still u/l and d/l if it is the site as people would be wasting time??

I can't write on their forum as its unavailable, is anyone else having a problem??

Could someone else try a d/l and see if they can load the torrent please...thanks

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