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Trouble with WebUI behind a router... help appreciated.


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Today i had a go at setting up the WebUI (great idea btw). All seemed to be working well.

I have a static IP address, and port forwarding already setup for uTorrent - and working.

If i enter http://localhost:61901/gui/ in firefox - all works well.

However if i enter http://my-static-ip-address:61901/gui/ i get an unable to connect error message.

Though, if i check my settings via uTorrent i get "OK! Port 61901 is open and accepting connections."

Ive tried disabling both PeerGuardian and Kaspersky Firewall, but it still doesnt work.

Id greatly appreciate any help - as this would be very useful to have working.


EDIT: Oh, the router is a Netgear DG834PN... if that helps.

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