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Actiontec router NAT table locked at 1024 and I am overflowing it.


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uTorrent is messing up my interenet overall on all the computer connected to the router. The problem is with the NAT table. I have tons of error messages checking the router's log. Can I get some ideas what settings to change in uTorrent to keep the concurrent or half open connections low? Also settings to improve my overall utorrent speeds. Others need to use the internet too and they think I am hogging it.

Bandwidth: 15/2 Mbit

Router: MI424-WR or MI424WR

WindowsXP half open connections: 50

Utorrent settings

Global max connections: 300

connections per torrent: 125

upload slots/turrent: 25

max active turrents: 25

max active downloads: 15



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