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1.2.1 Beta => Torrent Maker


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I love this torrent maker... i need a few improvements:

First: i would like to have an option 'Start Superseeding'

Second: I would like to be able to create a torrent from a directory, then manually add/remove single files. The reason for this is that i have folders i want to seed, but sometimes they contain a few files that should not be included (like log-files)

Third: I would like an 'Save only' and 'Save as' function (for obvious reasons).

Fourth: I would like to add files from a directory using a filter (recursivly, including the path, but not the base-path)

With large torrents these options would be very handy indeed.


Shit ... forgot one:

Fifth: I would like to have a 'Update/Rescan' folder button, that only adds files to the torrent that aren't present, and updates those which hases dont match the one allready present in the torrent.

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Why should .nfo files get excluded? They often contain info for the torrent, such as install instructions and whatnot...

the .sfv might be good if you need to check the files after moving it to another drive or something. :P

but removing thumbs.db, Folder Settings, and desktop.ini would be a good idea.

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2nd- I like. it would be nice to remove useless .sfv and thumbs.db files and old .nfo files

yes, but i don't believe this is the way to go about it..

Just have an option to exclude any files named: ...

where you can enter whatever you want. That way anything called thumbs.db, desktop.ini, etc, can be automatically pruned from the torrent.

Alternatively you could have "don't include hidden or system files"...

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