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UI problems with the scheduler


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It would be nice to be able to discuss issues and not have them single-handedly moved to "Trash" with no possibility to reply. Thanks!

There are several UI problems with the scheduler:

1) It does not state that 0 counterintuitively means "unlimited"

2) It does not state that you can Shift-Click to *actually* set it to zero

3) Both of these things are unnecessary unintuitive and could be designed better

My suggestion is the following:

1) Have 0 actually mean 0, and not unlimited

2) Have an extra checkbox to set it to unlimited

3) Instead of the undiscoverable Shift-Click, simply add a fourth state to the visible legend and have normal single-click toggle between all four. Or, even better: Let the user select a "colour" and then "paint" in the selected colour.

If you feel the need to reclassify this posting, please move it to feature suggestions, but not to Trash. Thanks!

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Requesting the same thing in 3 separate threads isn't gonna get your request implemented any faster. There is no reason for 1, and hence no reason for 2.

I'd agree about request 3 though. The "select your color" thing is actually a nice idea, especially if this suggestion gets implemented, and Seed Only is added to the legend. Then the user could simply select their color from the legend.

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Requesting the same thing in 3 separate threads isn't gonna get your request implemented any faster.

You are misjudging my motive. I am making suggestions, not requests. I can live with a bad UI once I know how it works, but that doesn't mean everyone can. You are clearly resisting the idea that there may be a slight problem with your UI.

You say "there's no reason for 1", but somehow, not only did I manage to run into a situation that prompted me to suggest it, but also the option to "seed only" actually exists! But, inexplicably, it is a separate feature instead of simply re-using an existing feature in the most obvious way, and furthermore it is undiscoverable. This is, dare I say it, bad UI.

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And again you are not addressing my post and instead find excuses to attack and to blame. Clearly your mastership over the forum is more important to you than the improvement of the software, despite the fact that this is what the forum is for.

I did not cross-post the same thing. I posted my responses to your bogus concerns that you raised when you overzealously moved everything to Trash. My responses would all be in one thread if you hadn't moved them to Trash, which apparently disables my ability to reply.

Now, it would be nice if you could finally drop this topic and come back to the actual topic of this forum, which is what I keep posting about and you keep ignoring.

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