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Extremely slow transfer speeds! Already tried all I can think of


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About a week ago I had a blackout and my connection speed on torrents went poof! (I download at 150-160kb/s and upload at 40kb/s to servers), so I decided to try any advice I could find especially the ones on this page, nothing worked so far, thought it was that I had to forward a port, but not even that.

I just reinstalled Win XP SP2 (To route any possible software conflicts), patched my TCPIP.sys, forwarded a port for uTorrent, enabled protocol encryption, Made sure peer.lazy_bitfield is enabled, disabled NAT-PMP mapping, uPnP mapping, and randomize port. Im getting the Green symbol on the bottom on the screen indicating that my connection is working properly and double checked that my port is forwarded.

I'm usually stuck at 9-27kb/s on 3 other EXTREMELY well seeded torrents on private trackers and the 3 torrents mentioned on the sticky. (This is VERY strange, I should be getting at least above 80-100kb/s)

This issue has me and my ISP guys completely baffled (They are not throttling down my connection like suggested on the sticky), it should run flawlessly (it won't even gain any speed above 15-30kb/s on the 3 torrents mentioned on the sticky about slow transfer speeds on this very same forum!). It's behaving the same way if I use Azureus, uTorrent 1.6.1, uTorrent 1.7.2 (Currently using), and BitTorrent Client. I am not one to ask for help unless I've exhausted every other option, and I think I've reached that point.

My computer specs:

Core 2 Duo E6400 (Stock)

2 Gigs of DDR2 533 Ram

Intel D946GZIS motherboard (10/100mbps onboard LAN)

eVGA 8800GTS 320MB (Forceware 162.18)

Paradyne 6212-I2 ADSL Router modem

Antec NeoHE 500

Recently installed Windows XP SP2

No antivirus/firewalls other than the Windows Firewall.

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Your ISP may not be throttling BitTorrent traffic, but THEIR parent ISP that they connect through may be throttling BitTorrent.

What settings are you using in µTorrent according to Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

How fast are your uploads running? (total in µTorrent, of course)

Is the upload speed limit you set reached and sustained by µTorrent?

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I have unlimited upload and download now (Used to have max 35 kb/s upload and 0 kb/s download), 4 upload slots, 50 connections, 200 connections (global), max active torrents 8, max active downloads 5, Current port 14221 (Forwarded), and Encryption enabled.

I haven't downloaded/seeded anything lately because I haven't been able to download anything, but the last few things I was able to download I was able to seed them at around 30-40 kb/s depending on how well seeded was the torrent.

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