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error "unable to save the resume file ...."


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uT flaked out, lost it's config and active torrents after restarting for a windoze update.

1.7.2 on W2kpro

now with new torrent is logs "unable to save resume file, another program may have the file open or disk may be full"

disk is not full, nothing else touching the file, so i'm confused.

Any suggestions

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I hadn't thought of that. Windows Indexing Service is on for the documents and settings - and i don't see much point in that.

I decided to kill everything I was working on, un/reinstall, and start over because I got a little anxious to keep the process moving along. It's not the first time I've had issues with everything in the menu disappearing, but this was the first time I was getting write problems afterward.

So, turn it off - but there was NO %AppData%\uTorrent profile data!

I created empty .dat files in the executable directory

These suggestions seemed to work, but then I got the same error again.

At 85 percent, it's kind of frustrating.

Stopped uT, redid all the configs, reloaded the .torrent file to resume. And it starts to work ok again - but for how long, I wonder

Fortunately I stopped and shut down properly so my ratios are ok with the tracker.

I just don't know what else to do.


Funny, the tracker does seem to think these are new sessions, even though it's the same torrent (there is a limit). It takes a while for tracker to count the old session as dead.

But after a while I can update the tracker and resume as normal. I'm guessing this is typical, as the tracker are busy working with active sessions. Oh and after I do this, I don't seem to be uploading - I'm assuming the peers flag me as snubbed, oops.

But the main problem seems to be that uT has the resume error. With indexing off (no entries), I can only think the client is the problem. Could the advanced cache setting be causing this? I didn't change any of the defaults.

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