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Is there any known issue my config?


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What I've done before:

I use avast! antivirus. Disabled P2P check.

I use Kerio Personal Firewall. Disabled resolving the address.


I start downloading any numbers of torrent (1..any). After a short period of time, maybe 1 min, any sound (windows sounds, winamp, etc) start to be crappy. As it would play the same 0.1sec sample many times. I do not notice any increase in CPU usage (neither for utorrent, nor for other programs). Even my mouse start to move very lagged. If I dont stop connection(s), after 3-4 minutes sound driver says that I plugged a new device into a jack slot. My config: ASUS P5LD2 (rev 2.0 for Core2Duo, with realtek ALC882 HD audio chip), Intel 935 processor (3.2GHz Dual Core), 2x1GB DDR/800MHz RAM running in dual mode. I use windows xp w/ sp2, firewall off. My router is SMC 7004VBR. ISP: Invitel, Hungary (4mbit/s//256kbit/s). All portforwards are correct. I also use Counterspy and Netlimiter programs.

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