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No Incoming Connections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Ok, somebody probably already posted this thread but I'm gonna go through with this one so that my questions don't get mixed up with the previous ones...

Anyway, here's my problem:

I tried downloading a patch to accelerate my utorrent downloads then I modified my preferences in the advanced section (under preferences), to be exact: the net.max_halfopen thingy. And all my downloads are not only slow but the yellow sign won't go away and I can't get the green tick back (the little icon on the bottom of utorrent). I tried every suggestion possible. When I test if the port is fowarded properly I always get an error therefore I can't open the port even though I uninstalled all the firewalls and antivirus softwares already and I restarted the computer yet I still get no incoming connections. The arrow next to the torrents are red too, which supposedly means that I have no seeders.

The maximum that I can download to is 60 kbs but I'm uploading like crazy!

Can anyone give me a CLEAR, step by step explanation to how to open the ports and to accelerate the download rates on utorrent?

Thanks in advance!!!!!

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