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Port Forwarding Not Working


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Hi, I have forwarded the ports utorrent is using for incoming connections, the uPnP is unchecked. However, when i use the utorrent port checker, the port appears to be blocked. I do not think i have any software firewalls, although my norton 2006 has expired. However, in my old house, when i open ports they appeared open so i do not think norton is affecting it. I am using Linksys wrt300n. Thanks for the help

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i wouldnt use norton , my suggestion

Kaspersky or zonealarm

open your ports from your router

"portforward" will show you how.

then allow the same ports in your firewall, and utorrent

make sure if you do it for a certain port that you uncheck randomize port each time utorrent starts

you should after all these things are accomplished , , a green circle icon with a check

in the middle at the bottom of utorrent ,

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