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uTorrent Download Bug/Glitch ?


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I may have found a bug /glitch in the latest utorrent (1.7.2)

first of all, Upload Limit is NOT working, i set the limit to 10kbps or something and it still uploads at maximum (which still isnt much)... but still, that is not working for me.

(ive tried the limit in preferences and in selected torrent options)


I will start a torrent, and it starts downloading all good ect..

it almost seems as the connection is choked.. as im downloading very slow for my connection...

I Right click on the downloading torrent, click Properties for the selected torrent.. and in the Upload Limit, i put 12kbps for upload limit. this chokes the connection even more it seems..

i then, wait a second, and go back into properties and switch the upload limit to 0 (unlimited) and my download speed spikes very high, i start downloading like 800kbps (speed it still depends on the amount of seeds and peers..) it slows down slowly, but still am downloading faster then i was, even though im still only uploading around 10kbps

i dont really ever recall this happening on utorrent v1.6, as my download speed was always very high.(still depending on how many seeds and peers..)

so this is how i concluded that it may be a glitch. let me know, because i am kinda concerned.

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