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Less peers/seeds when running uT as a service (?)


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I'm not sure if this is the right subforum to post this (maybe "Web UI" would have been a better place?) because I'm not entirely sure if it is really a problem concerning uTorrent or the WebUI (maybe it isn't even a problem and I'm just imagining things ~~). Anyway, excuse me if I chose wrong.

I'm using uTorrent 1.7.2 and webUI 0.310 beta 2. I setted up uTorrent to run as a service using "instsrv" and "srvany" from the Windows 2003 Resource Kits.

Here is the "problem":

[i think that...] sometimes when I run uTorrent normally, i.e. not as a service, I get to see more peers and seeds in the swarm (looking at the uTorrent GUI) than when I do run it as a service and look through the webUI. For example: in the same torrent I could see 13(47) peers and 3(4) seeds in the GUI, while in the webUI 7(19) peers and 1(1) seeds are being shown. I think the downloading speed also change (it goes down).

It doesn't happens everytime, and I'm not completely sure of it all, but I decided to post this in the hope of finding out other similar experiences (or not) from other users.

Maybe running uTorrent as a service is causing some sort of trouble?

Maybe the webUI is not always showing all the peers/seeds in the swarm?

Maybe I'm imagining things?

Did someone see something similar?

P.S.: Yes, I'm rather bad at english, I apologize for the miswriting, please correct me if you feel like.

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