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I have gui.default_del_action set to *1, and when I press Delete on the keyboard, the torrent file gets removed from the list, and deleted from the hard drive. However, when I right click the torrent and say Remove, it only seems to remove it from the list, but keeps it on the hard drive. I use both methods to delete torrents, and I end up with hundreds of old torrent files in the 'torrents-completed' folder, which I then have to remove manually...probably because they are the ones I deleted using the right click Remove.

Shouldn't the gui.default_del_action also apply to a right click and Remove? I know there are options below it on the menu to remove the .torrent file too, but I'd like to be able to do it using the basic Remove option, especially since I've got the custom gui.default_del_action set to *1.

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