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annoying message on startup


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so basically, even thought this problem has been solved and my µtorrent uses about 8MB RAM (out of 4GB) and well, no processor usage at all (E6850 don't really get scared by a functionnal µtorrent process), I will just have this "unexisting on my comp error" message until the next version...

I'm gonna check if there's a beta to grab because this is quite annoying

if not, I'll just use an older version for now

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it ok: I found a perfectly working 1.3 :)

and no big usage of anything on my comp and, well, 1.3 just does what I want: it downloads and uploads, that's all what matters to me ^^

if it can help in any way, I'm running it on an Asus P5N32E-SLI-Plus NVIDIA based board with latest BIOS (803)

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