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torrent client not allowed???


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  • 3 weeks later...

here is what written in the thread:


If you are using uTorrent version 1.7, you need to downgrade to the previous stable version.

uTorrent Developers wrote:

"BUG: Invalid download amounts being reported to trackers for >4GB torrents"

If you are downloading a torrent larger than 4gigs, it will report incorrect download speeds.

Your ratio will not be effected by this client error thus far.

Please visit the uTorrent official web site to obtain version 1.7.1


There have been reports of utorrent 1.7 sending private info outside the tracker

The client version 1.7 will not be allowed at bitsoup.org because of this problem

we understand the need for a utorrent version to be available to you

please feel free to download utorrent 1.6.1 here

we are sorry for the troubles our utorrent members have faced due to these bugs.



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Don't bother with them and switch trackers then. They're just being hardheads, and from my POV, they just don't want to backtrack on their mistaken decision -- otherwise, it would look "bad" for them. Even the admins at BitMeTV (who have historically banned µTorrent over any minor suspicions) have unbanned 1.7.2.

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