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I can't connect to the utorrent (proxy problem) .


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Dear all,

I working under proxy + routers ( Cisco 6500,3700) + ISA 2006, there is no incoming Connection with utorrent or Bittorrent, even i entered the server name and it port but It's not working, also i download (utorrent user manual) readed but noting happened.

plz try to help me.

Note : also all download software didn't work like ( Internet download manager,Bitcoment,VDownloader).

Check this pic :


Thank u and waiting your help.


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Thank u for reply, i don't think so.

im an administrator of the network, but for proxy, there is another supervisor and i don't like to ask him to open it for me, becaause it's not legal for all, but i heard that there is many ways to do thet.

for exp: bypass program, etc... !!

Is there another way to let the program working ?

Still waiting plz.

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