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help: apparently port forwarding is done, but still yellow sign


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[this post is long just because it's simple to read! please bear with me :) thanks]

hi everyone :)

i just spent the last couple of hours trying to fix my "yellow sign", to no avail - and figured the time had come to post the help request.

here's why i'm asking for help:

-i'm connected via wifi, with a speedtouch 570 router.

-i tried to do port forwarding according to the detailed instructions found in www.portforwarding.com

-i didn't have a static ip, so i had to follow the instructions on how to get one.

-the ipconfig command gave me the following:





however, the site explains that if gateway and dns are the same, than the DNS is not correct. as such, i called my ISP and got this DNS:

i asked for an alternative one, since windows demands that i write down both the preferred and the alternative (and demands that they are differed)

she explained that they don't have an alternative one, since "this one is redundant" - so i ended up putting down a random one for the alternative: (which happens to be their old one)

the static ip indicated at www.portforwarding.com is: - which i can't help but think is strange

either way, i finished the process. i restarted everything (i.e., the new connection settings - using the static ip instead of obtaining an ip address automatically), and everything works fine (by everything i mean browser etc).

i meanwhile also set up the port forwarding rule on my router, always following the instructions at www.portforwarding.com

all said and done, computer restarted and everything, the sign remains yellow!

additionally, it says:

"Checking port XXXX on

Error! Port XXXX does not appear to be open."

shouldn't it be checking port on the ipconfig now already indicates that my ip address is!



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Share on other sites is a LAN IP address. port checker can't check those addresses since they are not accessable via the internet but only on a local area network.

In other words, you don't have a "real" internetconnection. Nothing you can do to get incomming connections while you can't control the NATing Router that is in front of your wifi connection.

Q. What are private IP addresses?

A. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved the following three blocks of the IP address space for private internets (local networks): - - -

Also, IP addresses in the range of - are reserved for Automatic Private IP Addressing.

see also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network

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thank you for your post. it sort of confirms what i suspected.

meanwhile, though, this morning i checked my computer (i'd left utorrent on), and the sign had turned green!! and i had higher speeds than ever before!!

still, however, i was having download and upload speeds of 50-60 kb/s, but that was apparently occupying my entire bandwidth - which shouldn't happen, since my capacity is greater than that. that's the only thing i'm left without understanding.



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