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speed problems or what?


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i have recently change my internet provider

because my download speed is too low i have to ask:

i am using the 1.7.2 version

from speedtest my upload speed was 431 kbs

and the download speed was 5,5 mbs

so i am using settings for xx/384kbs without change anything

port forward ok

and from with a torrent from openoffice org my download speed was around 400kbs

my isp provider is forthnet in greece

and the router is Siemens cl110

i use winows xp sp2 professional

net.max_ halfopen 8

patch net max halfopen to 50

is there anything else that i can do to improve my download speed

Also can someone tell me what i must do with:

1)enable dht network (currently disable)

2)enable dht for new torrents(currently disable)

3)enable local peer discovery(currently disable)

4)limit local peer bandwidth (currently disable)

5)enable nat-pmp port mapping (currently disable)

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I can't believe these heartless people never answered your question! With open office your download should approach if not exceed 1Mbps by the time you finish it. Uploading that torrent is another story. Oh, and I hope my text isn't too large. It's hard to read these forums when you have a 20" screen set at the sharpest resolution!

First of all, don't choose just any static IP, but let this website do it for you: http://portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm

I have cox cable and share a connection through a Motorola VT2442 Router. My speeds (upload) had been SUFFERING, and I couldn't stay connected to peers. So after loads of experimentation I discovered some very basic tweaks that solved my speed problems. Though I still wonder why Cox can keep me down below 600kbits upload, yet I still get double the 10Mbits we're paying for??? See bottom of page for the BAD NEWS about Cox!

Note: The site http://testmy.net/tools seems to be inaccurate and very inconsistent. Anyway, so here are my screenshots from http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest The first is very basic Cablenut settings. The second is a test from a local server in Las Vegas using java. The third image is a test to Dallas, Tx, which is over 1,000 miles away using a flash speed test.


As you see, I only tweaked a few settings (I also setup the MaxconnectionsPerServer to 10 &10 later to speed up my browsing while torrenting). So, like the cablenut site suggests, you don't have to fill in every field! In fact, I've used "tweaked" CCS files from both their site and different forums, as well as their default ones and usually experienced horrible p2p performance, not to mention scored very low on the test sites.


This use to be the only test I counted on, but I've learned that your download and upload speed should be relatively the same over long distances. So I did the litness test and tried distant locations as well. Here's one:


As you can see, my download speeds range well over 20Mbits, and my uploads average over the advertised 512Kbits.

Honestly, I don't expect my speeds to always be consistent. I tested between 2 and 4AM over and over. But my speeds have not been nearly this good the last couple of weeks during this same time. So I'm optimistic.

One more note: I set my lan connection for 100Mbps Fullduplex.

And now for something completely different!

And Finally The BAD NEWS

Cox Cable (like many other ISPs) has caps on downloads and uploads per month and I think I've far exceeded them. They've sent us a bill for about $500 this month! I've been unemployed for over 3 months; does anyone want to buy a kidney or something?

Cox Highspeed Feature Maximum Limit

1. Maximum downstream speed 1 10 - 20 megabits per second (I get even more)

2. Maximum upstream speed 1 1 - 2 megabits per second (total bullshit)

3. Maximum monthly consumption cap 60 gigabytes downstream; 15 gigabytes upstream

4. Personal WebSpace account size 10 megabytes of disk space per User ID

5. Personal WebSpace traffic 300 megabytes of traffic per month (for visitors viewing your pages)

Edit (Ultima): Size tags removed.

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I can't believe these heartless people never answered your question!

I can't speak for everyone else, but to see my point of view: take a look at his posting history and try to count how many times he's asked the same thing over and over. I've had to repeat myself for him time and time again. If everyone came to us telling us they had speed issues just because a bunch of their torrents were running a bit slowly like he does, the forum would explode. rexdimos has been a very long time forum member, and yet, he often doesn't look at existing documentation even after we've pointed him to them many times before (the latest incident being his not looking in the FAQ).

I might be taking a hard line approach to this, but there's only so many times someone can ask a question after getting answers every single time previously before it gets just a tad bit annoying (understatement). The fact of the matter is, if you've set everything up as per the forum sticky (ports and all), and you stil get slow speeds, then it's most likely due to a problem outside of your control.

And just as a note, rexdimos has 2 accounts: rexdimos and rexdimos66 (both of which he has used to ask more-or-less identical questions). I'm not trying to turn this against him or anything, but try looking at it from our point of view before calling us "heartless" just because we missed one of his (repeat) questions.

All of that aside, we don't always have time to answer every single post in the forum. If a post manages to slip through due to time constaints, you can't honestly call us heartless for not responding unless you agree that it's fair for us to call you heartless for not answering the tons of other unanswered posts in the forums.

Regarding the font size... If it's a problem, you can always zoom pages from your browser. Considering the fact that the forums use standard font sizes, and that many other sites use even smaller fonts than you'll find here, doing that would be the way to go instead of making everyone else read such large fonts :o

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> is there anything else that i can do to improve my download speed

You might consider joining a private tracker. There may be more seeders with high speed upload. Some members even have 100 Mbps connection so they can seed very quickly. I have faster download speed than you, but I'm lucky if I can get 400 Kbps per torrent for downloads. The seeders are not available sometimes...

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