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"No incomming connections" ... 'Please help


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I have recently upgraded my internet connection and am now having difficulties.


uTorrent give me the message "No incomming connections" with a yellow exclamation mark sign, in the bottom status bar of the application. My number of connections seems limited being around 100-150 connection, with a download speed of on avg 50-150k.

uTorrent Port: 51484


Internet Connection: 20Mbit/2048k

Connetion type: ADSL

ADLS router: Orange Livebox

- Connected to phone network

- IP:


- All ports set to forward to

Wireless router: Linksys WRT54G, firmware v1.01.0

- Static IP:

- Subnet:

- Gateway: (my ADSL router)

- DNS settings according to ADSL provider

- Local IP:

- DHCP: Enabled, starting at

- Subnet

- Max number DHCP users: 25

- Client Release: 0

- WINS (should this have a value?)

- Port Range Forward: 51484 to 51484 (BOTH) (my computer)

- Port Triggering: Triggered 51484 to 51484 - Forwarded 51484 to 51484


To my inexperienced eyes this looks fine. Internet is working and uTorrent is working (just slow).

Any clues on how I could improve on this?


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Hi, Your Problem is you have the Dreaded 2 Router syndrome, but there is hope Read this guide on how to turn your 2nd router into a Switch/Hub/WAP:


If you added the Linksys for Wireless capabilities the Correct device to have gotten would be a Wireless Access Point. If possible it would be easier to just take that back and get the correct device if not that guide will show you how to convert the Router.

Also you need to assign your Static IP for your Computer Outside the range of the DHCP so since it starts at .100 and ends at .125 set your Static IP on your Computer to .130 or anything as long as it is not between .100 - .125.

And you do Not need to setupo Both Port Forwarding and Port Triggereing so remove the entries for Port Triggering as this will just cause Conflicts.


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