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Netgear WGT624 port forward problem


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Am getting very frustrated. Had working on Belkin router, from cable modem. Transfered router to netgear WGT624 to increase from 54MBps to 108. Now cant seem to port forward.

I have XP SP2 and have added utorrent to firewall. I have unchecked randomise port in utorrent, and checked add to firewall.

I set it up in router GUI at for port 38538. I have set up static ip at After I enter details and 'apply', it registers the port forward, but utorrent check does not pick it up!

I have tried with checking and unchecking upnp. (Also, may be a netgear problem but router does not seem to be able to 'turn on' upnp!).

Any ideas would be very helpful. Thank you.

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To be honest I'm not sure how to find out. I got the ip from www.portforward.com

In run: cmd/ipconfig /all it says 'DHCP is not enabled' if that helps. Also my routers web page says 'DHCP: DHCPClient, and LAN Port DHCP is on.

Some more info: Routers web page says I have a WGT624 Hardware Version 3, firmware V4.1.11_1.0.1, BUT the router says its a Version 2 on its case?!? Could that have something to do with the fault? Wrong firmware?

Thanks for your help.

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