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ip.ban ratio


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I downloaded the help file from another site and it was corrupt. Thanks for the working help file. Very informative.

Anyway, I don't understand some of the lingo. "The lowest acceptable ratio of good to bad pieces a peer can send before it gets banned. " So if I'm getting a LOT of bad peers, it at least appears that I should lower the number (default 128) rather than raise it, and if so, in what increments? Thanks again.

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As far as I understand it:

If a peer sends more then bt.ban_threshold bad pieces (pieces that fail hash-check) it will be banned. However if bt.use_ban_ratio is enabled it will first check if bad pieces / good pieces is more then bt.ban_ratio before banning it (if good pieces is 0 I'm sure it'll ban).

So if someone sent you 1 good piece and 100 bad pieces he will not get banned. If he sends another 28 bad pieces (without sending any good ones) he'll get banned. If you don't care about this check you can always disable bt.use_ban_ratio.

This is a safety measure to ensure that people don't get banned if amidst the bad pieces they are sending they also send a 'decent' amount of good pieces.

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