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Web UI does not work at home, BUT DOES at work


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I have a computer at my parents place that I use for downloading torrents due to their unlimited downloads. They recently just had to purchase a new modem/router DSL 504T at parents place. I have set it up as per instructions and portwarding is working ok. As i get the green tick and speed guide says it is forwarded correctly.

My problem is when I try to access this computer from my house using the www.ip:port/gui it has issues after I enter the username and password and won't connect.

When I do the same thing from work it connects no problem. I also tried to connect to utorrent from work to my home computer, that also works no problem.

It is almost as if Bigpond (house) is being blocked by TPG (parents house).

Anybody have any ideas as to what I can try at home to get the WEB UI working ??


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