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New Vista PC - now No Icoming Connection??


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I have a new pc which has Vista HP OS, the router and settings are all the same as before. However I no longer have a green image, I have the triangle with ! in it - the router has not changed so I have no idea why.......only difference is the pc.

Utorrent is marked as exclude in the Vista firewall (I have also turned this off and tried), I have delete the setting files and restarted utorrent, still no joy.

Anyone got any ideas what I can try next?


I apear to be having issues with port 8080.........however I am using port 38252 and have this port set up in my router for port forwarding!

However I was wondering if this issue I am seeing could be the cause of my problems......I am seeing the port 8080 problem running Simple Media Server 1.4

Does this help anyone figure out my issues?

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