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DownloadSpeed get´s CrazY !!


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iam having troubles with my download speed,

first, let me say that there aren´t anny arror messages on the PC/programm.

i have win xp professional SP 2,

loadet the EVID Patch, (now 50 connections possible)

my u torrent setting,s : Port used : 32459 UPnP is on ( on router too )

Global max. number of connections : 600 (tried 200[standart]but no change, even slower!)

............... connections peer per torren :150

6 upload slots available

NOW: iam having 2 downloads, akctivated 1. with 5 kB 2. with 7 but often falling till 0.4 !!!!!!!!

(just let me add that it jumped once up to 80 KB for about 4 sek.) but PLZZZ can anybody say me what is WRONG ??

ps. NO Firewall activated, (win firewall) had once Zonealarm installed but removed it

( from registry too)[mannuall and automatic]

(sry for that english, but still at shool ;P )

plzz anybody help me !

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