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New To bittorrent stuff... question about seeding.


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have a look at the beginner's guide it will answer a lot of questions for you: http://www.utorrent.com/guides.php

about the seeding, is there any peers on it? you'll see a number like this under the peers column: 18(22)

the number outside the parenthesis is how many peers (downloaders) you are connected to, the number inside is the amount of known peers (downloaders) for that torrent.

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ok then... i read it and read the part about seeding....

call me retarded, i don't care, but this thing confuses me :/ sry. this bittorrent thing is confusing.

so anyways...if i read it right, i have to wait for something? idk. and if i wait too long not doin anything somethings gonna happen to my internet connection?

sry if this is all totally wrong. this is really confusing im only 13. when i look at my torrent menu thing, it says 0(7158) Seeds, and 0(1147) Peers... don't know what that means but nothing is happening.

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if your torrent is at 100% and seeding then its ready for you to watch, open whatever it may be. just right click and choose open containing folder on the finished torrent and it'll take you to the folder with the completed file inside. i think thats what you are asking anyhow.

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I have been SUCCESSFULLY using this service for a while now

to date I have been able to do most of the things that other people have been having problems with

here's the kicker

the whole thing just karked it

had to do (another) format the other day, and after rebuild, blah blah CANNOT get anything (torrents) to finish

AM NOT using a dynalink and so the FAQ on the subject was no help

am using BigPond's newish 2071-A, after a recent hardware crash of its predecessor, the Thomsen Speedtouch

it was working fine after installation, for a good while, and with very gratifying results

then my OS crashed,,,,,ya get that,,,,,,,,

have done more OS builds than I can count

(have been into PC since the early 80's)

now everything has turned to dooey

am getting WAY frustrated

have had some comms with a number of geek friends

have got all settings to defaults

no improvement

have tried uTorrent, Bittorrent and BitLord

samesame all the way


is it, by chance, my ISP?????????

wouldn't surprise me

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