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uTorrent works at home, not at college


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Hey, wondering if you could help me with this problem.

At home uTorrent has worked perfectly fine, with no troubles at all.

However, here at college, I always get the red down arrow tracker error.

Last semester I figured it was because I couldn't find any open ports. (At home they all seem to work.) But today I selected a random port that tested as Open, so I figure that can't be the problem anymore.

I've tried several torrents that all come back as tracker errors, so I figure the difference must rely in some security setting or router setting or something within the dorm I'm staying in.

So what I'm wondering is, how can I go about even beginning to solve this problem? I don't know any of the college's networking specs, though I may be able to find out, not sure.

I mostly just want to know what could be blocking access to the trackers, seeing as it can't be my computer, since it works perfectly fine at home.

Thanks in advance!

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