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Limiting Speeds in uTorrent


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Hello, currently having some issues with uploading.

I run uTorrent and WinMX together most of the time, and have allocated certain bandwidth for each program to upload. I can only upload 12 kb at a time because of my connection.

I seed torrents at full speed that are rare and people cannot easily get, which upload infrequently. Thie leaves WinMX running with uTorrent on standby taking the majority of my bandwidth.

Problem I would like to limit upload speeds for torrents i am currently downloading to under 1 kb using uTorrent. I have no wish to set them to 0 which doesn't seem possible anyway, i would still like to share. When i am running several torrents at once and each is requesting a 1 kb upload its hogs up my bandwidth so i can't use WinMX without uploads timing out with slow speeds etc.

Any help?

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