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Total bandwidth monitor


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simply put.

Let say you are allowed a certain download / upload capacity per month. A nice features would be able to monitor the total download or upload within that month , and if too close to the max stop all activities. Then at a certain date (each month,week,or ..etc) re-enable the client

a simple command line would do the trick

at maxcap() close client

then windows schedual task (if utorrent != open) utorrent /start

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its not useless cause i want to stop the utorrent software to be able to manage my download and without offence there is nothing on the market that can shutdown a software when a certain other software has acheived a certain upload data stream.

also usual monitoring software are for a nic card thus if i stream the torrent from my media center (which is my download machine) then my upload download is wrong cause most of the data was send to my other computer and not the external network

but i would wish to be able to have the luxury of a non-monitor connection but seems like its something my only isp doesnt support

thanks you

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Actually, this feature would be very useful to most people using school ISPs, as it is common for schools to place a bandwidth limit on student's access points. Also, this may be more practical if it were more similar to the "Seed While" option in the Seeding Priority section of µTorrent's Preferences. Instead of checking for a ratio, however, it could apply a rule (and interface) such as

Torrent While

* (checkbox) Downloaded is: <= xxx MB

* (checkbox) Uploaded is: <= xxx MB

When Torrent has reached the bandwidth limit

* (checkbox) Limit the download rate to [use 0 to stop downloading]: xx kB/s

* (checkbox) Limit the upload rate to [use 0 to stop uploading]: xx kB/s

It shouldn't be that difficult to compare the set values to the ones displayed in the "Downloaded" and "Uploaded" fields already used in µTorrent.

That aside, µTorrent is awesome, way better than any of the other clients out there.

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Which "total" bandwidth is to be displayed by µTorrent?

Every packet into and out of the computer?

All the above minus LAN traffic?

(If so, you are asking µTorrent to "spy" on everything done on your computer.)

Every packet created and received by µTorrent?

Only upload/download of torrents by µTorrent?

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Advocating that a feature be added to µTorrent which is similar to spyware/malware is ridiculous, and I would never suggest something like that. I merely suggested that µTorrent be able to monitor its own traffic, and have the ability to create torrent rules based on this.

I believe that neosheep's original suggestion was to give µTorrent the ability to monitor all of its traffic at once (all of its torrent traffic, instead of just monitoring one torrent) so that one could avoid going over their allocated bandwidth for a certain time period. My suggestion was similar, but instead required the user to set a "bandwidth" rule, sort of like the "seeding rules".

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