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Memory usage - 1.7.2 - Vista


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I have Vista Ultimate and with the last stable version my memory usage is to high ! 70%... And when i shut down utorrent, memory go down to 30/40%

My configuration : C2D E6600 - 2*1 Go DDR2 Corsair

I dont understand, i didnt see any topic about this problem.. I'm the one ? I Have an optical fiber line 50/50 mbts, and my connection goes slow when i use utorrent with just 10 mbts (up & down).

sorry for my english..

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Hmm... I use that too, but on XP. Seems there're still quite a few issues with the various flavours of Vista, given the recent rash of posts in this regard.

No other firewall, antibot, anti-spyware with real-time scanner etc. installed?

All I can say is, try uninstalling NOD32, rebooting and check it once to see if the same thing happens. I'd also recommend turning off SuperFetch and Windows Indexing during the testing phase.

Other than that, I hope the developers are looking into all these Vista-related issues...

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