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Incorrect numbers of peers/seeds (off by > 200)


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Hi all,

I'm currently getting massively wrong numbers of peers/seeds in µTorrent.


Just previously, the seeds were more around 250.

However, the site reports the number of leeches as only 7:


I'm also more inclined to believe this number since I'm sure a lot of you know about the crazy seed/leech ratios on private sites.

Anyone have any idea what's going on? I've tried manually scraping the tracker with no luck.

update: Torrent has been running for about 10min now and peers have dropped down by 5 or 10, but it's still way above what the site is reporting.

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Heh. The site says that it enforces the private flag, though I don't know, perhaps they're just saying that.

It's true that that was a very popular torrent, the number of leeches wouldn't surprise me if it was leaked onto DHT. However..


I wonder how tbsource works insofar as if someone leaked their torrent (ie. containing their passkey), would the new leeches under the same account show up as more leeches, or just the one? That could be the problem if they are only showing up as one leech.. I'll have a word with the admin.

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The list view reports the number of seeders/peers in the cache. Stale peers stay in the cache for 30 minutes, and any seeder it never connects to (since it has to connect to them to find out if they're a seeder) stays in the cache for 30 minutes. The numbers can get seriously inflated because of this. :)

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