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Upgraded to extreme high speed, but slower downloads


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My max download for torrents is now hovering around 65 kilobytes a second for some reason, when before I upgraded to extreme highspeed, I could download torrents 500 kilobytes a second! Though, strangely enough, I can now upload torrents at 120 kilobytes second, which is an improvement from my highspeed max upload speed of 60 kilobytes/sec.

The only thing they did to upgrade me to extreme highspeed was press a button on their end.

I used to have just normal highspeed, and I was able to download up to 630 kilobytes a second and I was able to upload 60 kilobytes a second.

I just tested out my non utorrent downloading abilities, and I downloaded a 45 MB mp3 file from a website in 51 seconds, 900 kilobytes a second! So, I know my downloading speed has doubled, but not with torrents!

My ISP is Shaw, and I'm using a Motorolla SB5101 modem and a D-Link DI-624 router.

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