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Can Anyone Explain This?


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This is gonna be a long one.

I've been a user of uTorrent for as long as I can remember. I've also been a reader of this forum for some time. I tweaked my computer to maximize my downloads according to suggestions found on here.

All was well until about 1 month ago when my ADSL provider had a problem and the service was unavailable for a few hours. When it came back up, I couldn't get any download speeds higher than say about 10Kb/s. However due to another problem I was having (the infamous B.S.O.D. which I could never solve), I formatted my hard drive and re-installed Windows XP. I've re-installed uTorrent and guess what? I can't seem to download faster that about 20Kb/s. On a friend's suggestion I installed Bitcomet. The peak download speed I saw was 124kb/s. Wow! The only tweak I applied was changing the TCPIP.sys connection limit to 50.

All my info is listed below:

Network status light: Green

Settings from speed Guide: connection type - xx/512k

upload limt - 40

upload slots - 4

connections - 90

connections(global) - 250

max active torrents - 3

max active download - 2

net.max_halfopen connections: 35

Operating system: Windows XP (with SP2)

Security software: NOD32 & Comodo Firewall Pro

Router: Viewsonic WRO100

ISP : (I don't want to mention but from the speeds I get on Bitcomet I know they are not throttling P2P)

Connection type : DSL (864k down & 442k up)

I've tried lowering settings as suggested in Speed problems:if you have speed problems read here. All the settings I have above are what I used before I re-installed. They worked quite fine before. I've read everything I could find on here but I found nothing that helps me. Can anyone explain? I don't really wish to just switch to Bitcomet because I find uTorrent's feature are more powerful, especially the ability to turn off my computer when tasks are finished. Anyone have anything else I can try or tweak? Don't be afraid to get technical, once you explain what it is I must do.

I use an AMD2600+ processor with Nvidia chipset (and yes those drivers are up to date!)

Thanks guys! Any more info I can provide.

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Hey guys, in response to your queries, I got very good speeds using the test torrents. They'd download at 60 - 80 kb/s, not the maximum speed of the connection but quite fine by me.

I tried changing the max half open connections in uTorrent to 4 and tried the test torrents. No change in speed, still 60 - 80 kb/s. uTorrent does give me the green light for the connection. I forwarded the ports through my router correctly.

What is really strange is that Bitcomet runs ok with the tweaks I'v made to the TCPIP.sys. Where as uTorrent has gone bum. This makes me think it must be a software thing and not a hardware thing. Any more ideas?

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