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newbie with speed problems


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ive been using utorrent for a couple of days now, and ive managed to download just 1 700mb file, and that was leaving it over night.

ive got a speed touch usb modem and I have tiscali 4mb.

lately my speeds have totally died, im lucky to get 3kbs on download. All my ports are fine, and ive got a green tick at the bottom of the screen. Under the tracker section, it says DHT not allowed? is that correct?

under some of the url's it states invalid url?

ive double clicked on the files and deleted one of the address' that was incorrect but its made no difference?

i know hear that tiscali limit downloads during their peak periods of 6pm till 11pm but does that mean whenever i want to download something im going to have to leave my computer on during the night? its just it seems thats the only time it downloads anything quickly?

is it a case of the more things you download at a time the more slower it runs?

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Depends on your connection, but yes, more simultaneous downloads doesn't mean faster, and more-often-than-not causes problems for users.

And yes, Tiscali is known to throttle BitTorrent, so there might not be much you can do about it. You might want to look around the forums regarding Tiscali; maybe there are some tips to get around (I haven't paid much attention to those Tiscali threads).

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