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Seeding with multiple trackers


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Hello, all.

I know it's possible to add multiple trackers with uTorrents, but my question is:

Would it be possible to add multiple trackers in order to seed the same torrents for two different and private trackers?

This is just a curiosity and I must say that I don't think that would work alright, since you probably wouldn't be announcing what you're uploading to each peer from each tracker.

Well, I'm not sure, though.

Thanks in advance.

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Hm, that's what I was afraid of.

Well, it could be interpreted as cheating by some trackers, since you're reporting some things that aren't happening to one tracker.

Tracker A (10 seeders and 0 leechers)

Upload speed = 0KB/s

Tracker B (2 seeders and 10 leechers)

Upload speed = 80KB/s

Both trackers will get the same announce of 80KB/s, ok, I guess I'm going to keep making copies of the torrent folders to seed in different trackers.

Thank you once more.

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The way the multi-tracker extension works is that the client tries the first tracker, and only if that fails tries the next one.

Also, the sum of the stats reported to the trackers will be correct, with any one tracker receiving a subset. I.e. the same traffic won't be reported twice. This is in accordance with multi-tracker support being there for redundancy and failover.

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