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Newbie with slow speed. With these settings is this...


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.. what it should be? Or can I get better?

Firstly my downloads are coming in at 20-25 kB/s. I have "# read the setup guide properly and in its entirety". Three speed tests [no other downloads running] gave me:


16.65, 16.96, 16.37 kB/s


151, 123, 141 kB/s

My ISP plan is 1500/256. Under the utorrent speed guide I've set the 'Connection Type' as xx/128k. I've followed everything else in the setup guide.

Modem router is a Netgear DG632. Used 'portforward.com' to enable port forwarding and have set a static IP for my pc. This I believe was successful. When running utorrent. I have the green tick at the bottom of the taskbar showing 'network okay'.

Stats of file I'm downloading now:

seeds 39[3166]

peers 16[2781]

DL spd 14.1 kB/s

UL spd 8.1 kB/s

ratio 3.99

I believe I picked a download that was popular so I thought it would be good for testing. Is the DL spd correct or can I improve on this?

Also I disabled my windows firewall [only FW I'm using]. This did not make any difference.

Hope someone can be of assistance here. Thank you.

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Protocol Encryption is enabled. And I have checked 'Allow incoming legacy connections'.


For those who have a Netgear DG632 modem/router and are reading this thread because of speed or disconnecting issues.....


Through this forum and others I found many DG632 owners with the same problem(s) I was having. Bit the bullet and changed the modem router. Now own a Linksys WAG54G and everything is okay.

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