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resume problems... HELP!


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How can i shut off Utorrent without having all my downloading torrents "checking" whenever i turn it on again? Obviously i need to do that when i turn off my PC or when there is an unwanted shut off due to electricity problems. I used to right click on tray icon and exit, but it seems that this won't work all the time.

I tried to "pause" each torrent singularly and then exit but this doesn't work. Needless to say, i didn't have such trouble with older versions of Utorrent.

Also, I find it hard to use Utorrent without coming to lose some download when i set the download folder to an external hard disk and the PC crashes. It shows that i have downloaded far inferior stuff in the "done" column, whereas in the "downloaded" area it shows much more (adding what was the amount before the crash). I checked it when the file was more than 100% downloaded and it couldn't open unless there was 100% downloaded in the "done" column. This means that i simply lost what was downloaded before the crash, but my ratio on the host site was seriously harmed (it showed that i downloaded the same torrent more than 1 time). So i figure it is not advisable to download to an external hard disk. Any suggestion beside not to use the external disk?

any replies are welcome, thanks for them in advance.

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