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Changed internet speed with ISP


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I just changed my cable broadband with Virgin from 2Mbit to a 20Mbit connection. I was getting download speeds of 200+kB/s with upload speed of around 8kB/s with the 2Mbit connection but now am still on the same.

I'm a bit confused as I've changed settings. My max upload speed is 92kB/s which I've dropped to 72kB/s but not much change. I've done everything the following link told me to do:


I'm stuck like a fly in honey. I should technically be able to download around 2,000kB/s and I'm getting no where near.

I'm using a cable modem Surfboard and there's no yellow or red lights.

I'm also using Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate and I've applied the TCP Protocol patches to boost speeds as told in link above.

What's wrong please?

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Thanks for the replys guys.

I've checked my Surfboard as there's no problem. I phoned technical and they told me that I should change my USB connection from the modem to the computer to an ethernet cable which I did and no change.

I have after much searching as well as having just spoken to the technical team at VIRGIN MEDIA that I won't be getting anything above 200kB/s download speed as they THROTTLE BANDWITH for heavy users as well as people that are on a high speed for a long time.

I was quite angry as they charge you for a 20Mbit service that won't get past a 2Mbit service. It's a bit of a con and I have now just downgraded back down to the 2Mbit service.

Thanks again.

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